The ports serve a wide range of ships and vessels with different requirements in infrastructure. They are usually constructed in areas with high concentration of population and short distance from urban centers and serve as transportation hubs for passengers and goods. In special cases they are built for the exclusive service of industrial or mining facilities.

The successful design of a port project involves the blending of technical, economic, social and environmental parameters. The dimensioning of the individual port structures and in particular the outer protection works are determined by the type, technical characteristics and requirements of the design vessel(s), taking in account environmental conditions such as the prevailing wind and wave climate, the bathymetry and topography of the study area.

The orientation of the port entrance and the outer protective works such as breakwaters and jetties, are designed to provide the maximum protection of the basin and the berthing quays from waves, while maintaining sufficient width for the safe passage for the design vessel(s). These parameters can be further studied using specialized software programs to simulate wave disturbance or ship maneuvering. In certain circumstances it is possible to perform a physical simulation in appropriate scale of a port design in specialized marine laboratories.

Our company has built a strong partnership with a network of other professionals with expertise in the field of Architecture, Urban Planning, Electromechanical, Geology and Finance aimed at providing integrated and high quality services to our customers. The efficiency and quality of our cooperation with our partners has been tested in the past and confirmed after the successful completion of a significant number of projects and the distinction of our team in public design competition as of Kalymnos Island main Port - 2011, Karpathos Island main Port - 2013 and Fanes fishing Port in Rhodes Island - 2014, where we awarded the First Prize.

Our services include:
  • Project Identification Studies
  • Preliminary Planning Studies
  • Detailed Planning Studies
  • Pre-Engineering and Detailed Engineering Studies
  • Port Terminal Design
  • Existing Port Evaluation and Maintenance Studies
  • Port Environmental Permitting
  • Tender Documents