Atherinolakkos Port - Crete Island

Crete Island is the most important tourist destination of Greece, and at the same time, Cretan land produces significant agricultural products. The rapid touristic and economic development over the last 20 years resulted in a large increase in demand for electricity, which is approximately 5% of total national demand. The existing power plants were not able to cover this demand and thus, Public Power Corporation (PPC) SA decided to establish a steam electric station in Atherinolakkos village, located in Lasithi, south Crete.

In 1998, PPC SA held a contest for designing and constructing the landscape and access works to the steam electric station, its flood protection and port facilities that serve mainly tankers, small ferries and fishing boats.

The consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin designed the port infrastructure as a special advisor to DENCO SA, the company responsible for marine planning, on behalf of the offeror consortium of companies TECHNIKI ENOSI SA - VIOTER SA. The study was successfully completed in the same year (1998).

Project details:

• A windward mole proposed with concrete caisson with a total quay wall length of 328.40m and a 9.00m width for the side-by-side mooring of fuel tankers up to 20,000 tons and for serving small ferries
• A fishing harbor consisting of quay wall along the coastline and a windward mole. The total length of quay walls is 365m
• Launching Ramp 5.00 meters wide
• Armoring of windward moles using concrete blocks (tetrapod) as well as quarry rocks
• Protecting of the south coastline using the above mentioned armoring