The Airport Master Planning studies mainly presents concepts for developing the airport site for the next five years (short term), five to 20 years (medium term) and 20-plus years (ultimate). Proposals for land use and development in response to growth forecast during these periods are summarized in the proposed concept plans. The future growth in traffic demand levels and the changing of commercial needs of customers determines the extent and timing of each particular project.

Studies also include the airfield developments by expanding runways taxiways and aprons to provide additional capacity and to support increasing aircraft traffic. The development of terminal area is also examined with aim to enhance passenger handling and processing capacity.This is achieved by:

  • increasing the volume of existing terminal buildings,
  • improving the access to the airport,
  • organizing the area of arrival and departure as well as the parking lots for vehicles, taxis and buses,
  • upgrading auxiliary facilities such as control tower and fire fighting building etc.
Our Services include:
  • Upgrading of existing airport facilities
  • Planning of new airports
  • Obstacle removal charts (surfaces according to ICAO Annex 14 & ILS)