Roadway engineering is about creating the appropriate in terms of size, type and length land infrastructure for the safe and efficient movement of goods and passengers with vehicles between cities, towns, terminals and places of interest.

Although CNWAY have a long experience in transportation and road engineering projects, during the past few years we are focusing on applying our practical experience in port design and operation. Successful port operation involves the establishment of adequate land connections and well organized traffic management plans to support the movement of passengers, vehicles and goods from and to the port facility in a safe and efficient manner. Our experience gives us confidence that our planning will guaranty successful port integration to coastal infrastructure.

Moreover CNWAY have considerable experience in planning Bike ways and/or exclusive Bike paths. Bike ways are designed to encourage more cycling or make cycling safer. Also exclusive Bike paths can be designed in separation from motorized traffic and excluded from pedestrian traffic.

Our Services include:
  • Roadways planning
  • Bike ways/Bike paths planning
  • Improvement of existing Roadways
  • Improvement of existing Bike ways/Bike paths
  • Port and Airport connection to transport network