National Road Samos Karlovasi – Kourou Dere Section - Samos Island

The primary road axis of Samos Island is the National Road Samos-Karlovasi that runs around the Ιsland. It connects the two main ports Vathi and Karlovasi, with the airport in Pythagorion and it, simultaneously, enhances both the multimodal transport of goods and visitors and the general communication of the Island with mainland Greece and abroad. The Kourou-Dere Section of the National Road is located along the north coast. Throughout its length, it is exposed to intense northern waves that result in poor road pavement conditions and the downgraded safety of the users.

In order to solve the problems mentioned before and mainly to protect the road from the northern waves, the Prefecture of Samos assigned, in 2003, after holding a competition, the design of the necessary works in a consortium led by consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin.

Along with the protection works, the employer assigned a member of above consortium, the update of existing final design of the coastal road aiming to its widening and improvement of the geometry. CNWAY, as a subcontractor, held the study, which was completed successfully in 2007.

Project details:

  • Construction Cost: 645,360.00 €
  • The total road planning length was 492.24m and the design speed Ve=60km/h
  • The layout and the altitudes of the existing road axis are kept the same. The new design involves the widening of the road by 2.25 m towards the sea side and by 1.00 m towards the land side
  • The cross section width chosen was 10m that consisted of one lane per direction 4.50m wide and shoulders 0.50m. Side drains of 1,25m wide, on both sides, were designed as well
  • Expansion of two (2) existing culverts, on both sides, using a box section
  • Demolition of existing retaining walls
  • Design of traffic signage and road surface markings