Makelaria Monastery–Rakita Road upgrade - Greece Western Region

The Achaia mainland is an attractive area which combines significant nature and memorable landscapes. It is known for the beautiful villages, which are surrounded by scattered mountains and intense terrain. Lapanaghi and Rakita are two of such villages and the famous Monastery of Makelaria is really close; it is located on a cliff and it is known as “Hidden Meteoron”.

Despite all of the above and especially because of the nature of the greater area, the road network is considered inadequate, preventing the connection between the villages and contributing to their isolation and depopulation. The road that joins Rakita village with Lapanaghi village and the Monastery could not be an exception, given the fact that it is unpaved.

Therefore and in order to serve the access from the northern villages (Lapanaghi, Leontio, Rakita, Kounina) to the Monastery of Makelaria, West Greece Region contracted, after holding a contest in 2005, consultant engineer Efthimia Chasiakou, the preliminary design of the connection road between the Monastery and Rakita village. The study was implemented by CNWAY, as a subcontractor, and it was successfully completed in 2006.

Project facts:

  • Construction cost: 4,509,000€
  • Total design length: 11.6km
  • Design speed Ve=30–40 km/h
  • Total cross-section width 9.00m with one lane per direction 3.75m wide for 10.6km of total road length and respectively, a total cross-section width of 7.50m with one lane per direction 3.00m wide for the remaining 1.0km of total road length. In both occasions, the shoulders are 0.75m wide, on both sides of the road
  • Reconstruction of an old bridge
  • Provision of fifteen (15) tubular and fifteen (15) box culverts
  • Provision of a grade intersection with existing road that leads to Leontio village