Astir Marina - Attica

Vouliagmeni Marina (Astir Marina) is located on the shores of southern Attica in the east side of the homonymous bay in the Municipality of Vari - Voula -

Kardamyla Village Fishing Harbour

The harbor facilities of Kardamyla village, in the north coastline of Chios Island, serve the fishing activity of the broader area. Nevertheless, they present a series of functional

Main Port of Karpathos Island

The commercial and transportation needs of Karpathos Island are served by the main port which is located in Pigadia Bay. The continuous rise in tourism, in combination with

Main Port of Oinousses Island

The port of the small picturesque island of Oinousses, in the northeast of Chios, serves the connection with the mainland and insular Greece, either through Langada which is

Corinth Main Port

The port of Corinth is one of the most important commercial harbors of Greece, especially in container and secondly in bulk cargo transport. The continuous growth of commercial

Marmari Port – Evia Island

The main maritime connection between South Evia Island and mainland Greece is served by ferries that runs the sea route from Marmari village to Rafina and transport high