Chios Island Airport

The necessity for sufficient airport infrastructure in Chios Island is obvious, as it is one of the largest in Greece in size and population, also the Island is

Paros Island Airport

The Island of Paros is a very popular destination, since the touristic growth is already high, a significant percentage of the local population deals with tourism industry. However

Skiathos Island Airport

Modern demands of growing touristic development in Skiathos Island imposed the redefinition of flights safety level and passengers service in the existing airport, which is located at the

Skyros Island Airport

The mixed use military and civil airport of Skyros is located at the northern part of the Island. Civil aviation operations and development are noticeably affected due to

Larissa Region Airport

Larissa airport is the oldest Greek airport, its inauguration took place in 1912 to serve civil aviation operation. In 1997 the airport converted into a military and operates