The environmental permitting is a very important phase for an engineering project since the agreement with the licensing authorities is prerequisite for the approval of the engineering studies and also for the construction. At this stage the compatibility of the proposed development on national and local planning, the impact on any archaeological and cultural sites, the acceptance of local societies and the environmental impacts and mitigating measures are studied.

Our company decided to offer services in the field of environmental permitting in 2007 after encountering significant delays in the progress of projects on which we have been actively involved and also after recognizing the importance of environmental dimension for producing environmentally sound solutions.

CNWAY since 2007 has performed a significant number of Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIA) of which at least 20 for coastal projects and harbors. As part of our intensive involvement with the EIA studies we have developed and implemented a methodology to accelerate the environmental permitting procedure, the main points of which are:

  1. Methodically organized and high quality work on deliverables, plans and documents
  2. Excellent knowledge of Greek environmental permitting legislation and its amendments
  3. Actively supporting the permitting procedure through all of its stages till the final approval

The offered services are:

  1. Preliminary Determination of Environmental Impacts (PDEI)
  2. Environmental impact Assessment (EIA)
  3. Renewal Decision Approval of Environmental Terms (ETAD)
  4. Modification Decision Approval of Environmental Terms (ETAD)