Gythion Small Marina - Lakonia Region

Gythion is part of the wider touristic area of Mani and it offers remarkable touristic resources that can be found in the broader Lakonia Region. Moreover, it is an important center in terms of general services and road connections with smaller villages, and finally, the main port of the Lakonia Gulf. These characteristics of the region favor the use of existing port facilities by the touristic boats which, however, do not "enjoy" exclusive facilities and they are served by the fishing harbor.

In view of the above and in order to upgrade the provided services to touristic boats, the former Prefecture of Lakonia, after holding a contest, contracted a consortium led by CNWAY the design of a new small marina. Along with that, the employer assigned to the consultant engineer George Yamin -now a partner of CNWAY-, as a member of above consortium, the preparation of environmental studies in two phases: the Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (PEIA) and the final Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
CNWAY, in collaboration with George Yamin, held the two phases mentioned above, according to the old Environmental Legislation Frame (1650/1986). The new marine works belong to class Α2, based on the respective classification. The procedure of environmental permitting of the project was completed in 2010 with the publishing of the Environmental Terms of Approval Decision.

Study facts:

• As a part of the necessary research, the Githion marine facilities are not included among protected areas of the Natura2000 network. Furthermore, the sea area of the proposed marine works is not included in the boundaries of the marine archeological site that is located in the north and at a distance of 400m
• The main proposed measures to manage the negative impacts on the environment were:
- Use of new antipollution technology construction equipment and of the new established electricity network of the touristic harbor in order to decrease the quantities of air pollutants emissions
- Use of the personal hygiene infrastructure network of the users service building.
- Supply of sewage transfusion pump of 250lt, tank facility for Oils and Grease and placing of signs of waste management infrastructure for the users information
- Use of traditional materials for covering and paving surfaces in order to ensure the aesthetic harmony of the new harbor with the general environment
- Installation of recycle bins
- Implement a plan for preventing possible accidents during construction as well as during operation of the infrastructure