Astir Marina - Attica

Vouliagmeni Marina (Astir Marina) is located on the shores of southern Attica in the east side of the homonymous bay in the Municipality of Vari - Voula - Vouliagmeni and is located 25 km from the center of Athens. It is in a location of particular natural beauty only a short distance from the Astir Palace luxury hotels complex, and operates since 2013 under the management of the National Bank of Greece.

The management of Astir Marina wishing to upgrade and expand facility capabilities went through a preliminary engineering study to evaluate the existing marine infrastructure and to assess possible further development potential. Along with the marine infrastructure upgrading plans, the management contracted CNWAY in 2013 to assess the environmental implications of the proposed development by conducting a complete Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study.

Project Facts:
  • Astir Marina has high occupancy rates even during the economic crisis that has affected the Greek economy in the recent years
  • It operates in close proximity with two five star luxury hotels in a unique natural environment
  • Astir Marina management has in place procedures to efficiently control boat related pollution, dedicated to continuously improve facilities environmental performance. The existing environmental management plan was evaluated and suggestions were made for further improvements
  • Detailed mapping of sensitive marine and coastal ecosystems to assess the implications of the proposed development plans to aquatic flora and fauna, with particular emphasis on protected species
  • Study of alternative construction practices and material handling methods and transport procedures aimed at reducing atmospheric emissions and noise annoyance that may adversely affect the operation of the adjacent hotels
  • A detailed coastal engineering assessment for the possible effects of the proposed marine works on the adjacent beach of Vouliagmeni
  • The proposed measures to manage the negative impacts from the marina upgrade and expansion to the coastal ecosystem are:
    • Construction of an external organized anchorage system in the outer side of the windward breakwater and prohibit uncontrolled anchorage in Vouliagmeni bay to protect Posidonia meadows
    • Expand the network of personal hygiene infrastructure and encourage its use
    • Use appropriate dredged materials for the nourishment of Vouliagmeni beach
    • Divert construction vehicles to the north gate to minimize annoyance to marina operation
    • Sea Transportation of construction materials to reduce dust emission and annoyance
  • Prepare Environmental Management Plan for the Marina