Main Port of Oinousses Island

The port of the small picturesque island of Oinousses, in the northeast of Chios, serves the connection with the mainland and insular Greece, either through Langada which is located right across Oinousses, in Chios, or through the main port of the latter. The need for direct connection of the Island with the main ports of Greece led the Municipality of Oinousses to contract CNWAY the design of a new Berth at the external side of the existing windward mole, in order to serve larger ferries.

Along with the port design, in 2009, the Municipality of Oinousses contracted CNWAY the preparation of the Environmental Impact Study of the proposed works that belong to the class A2, according to the old environmental legislation frame (1650/1986). Its object was the examination of the effects of construction and operation of the new port facilities in natural and human environment and the proposal of actions so as to address the negative impacts on it. The procedure of environmental permitting of the project was complete in 2010 with the publishing of the Environmental Terms Approval Decision.

Study facts:

• As a part of the necessary research, it was noted that Oinousses Island are included in the protected area of Natura2000 network by the name "North Chios, Oinousses Island and coastline" and the code GR4130001. As a result, special measures were proposed so as to maintain the natural environment of the area
• No archeological sites nor in the sea neither in the land area near the new facilities
• Oinousses village is characterized as "Traditional" according to National Legislation and there are buildings characterized as contemporary monuments. These buildings are not located near the construction site of the Berth.
• The general proposed measures to manage the negative impacts on the environment were:
- Traffic measure in existing land area during the construction works, for proper passenger and commercial function of the port
- Implement a plan for preventing possible accidents during construction as well as during operation of the infrastructure
• The special proposed measures to maintain the natural environment of the Natura2000 network area:
- Disposal of dredged materials in a sea area that is outside the one which is part of the Natura2000 network
- Maintenance of the concentration of marine pollutants at low levels by applying the national and European Legislation