Thebes Canal Side Roads upgrade - Mornos Aqueduct - Fthiotida Region

The Mornos aqueduct has a total length of 187.6 km and carries water from the Mornos River to Mandra and Menidi Water Treatment Plants. It consists of tunnels, siphons and canals. The Thebes canal is part of this aqueduct. Its total length is approximately 38 km, it has a trapezoidal section lined with concrete. The canal showed many functional problems such as leaks, slope collapses and cracks, in several parts, especially in the upstream until the entrance of Kitheronas tunnel. The repairs were equally hard because of the poor accessibility to the canal throughout its length.

In order to solve these problems and to maintain and upgrade the aqueduct in general, the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company conducted a competition for designing and constructing the improvement works of the canal. These works also included the improvement of the side roads of the canal in order to address the accessibility problem.

The consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin designed, on behalf of the joint venture of contracting companies ARCHIRODON SA and ERKYNA SA, the side roads and other related works like vehicle and pedestrian bridges, culverts etc. The study was successfully completed in 1999 and the project constructed.

Project details:

  • Total design length: 38.0 km
  • The total section width chosen was 3.00m and 1.00m wide shoulders on both sides
  • Design of vehicle and pedestrian bridges, culverts etc.