Rakita–Analipsi–Kounina and Lapanaghi–Leontio Roads upgrade - Greece Western Region

The Province of Achaia and especially its mountainous part provides rich natural resources that guarantee the development of alternative tourism (winter, archeological, religion etc.). Kalavrita village is a typical example of the above while the rest of the villages are not as touristic. Most of them present an abandonment tendency that results in economic decline and depopulation. One of the main reasons that inflame this tendency is the lack of a modern and reliable road network both for the inter-connection of the villages and for the access to bigger city centers like Aegion and Patra. This occurs in the Rakita plateau and in Panachaiki mountain where the majority of the existing roads presents a series of important problems (adverse alignment, unpaved surface etc.).

The upgrade of the road network was considered as a necessity, especially of the one that contributes in the connection between neighboring Municipalities like the Municipality of Aigialeia that provides access to the National Road Patra–Corinth– Athens.

In view of the above, West Greece Region contracted, after holding a contest, CNWAY's associate consultant, the preliminary design of Rakita–Analipsi–Kounina and Lanapaghi-Leontio road sections. CNWAY, as a subcontractor, held the study which was successfully completed in 2006.

Project facts:

  • Construction Cost:
    - Rakita – Kounina section: 4,860,000€
    - Lapanagi – Leontio section: 1,470,000€
  • Total design lengths:
    - Rakita – Kounina section: 12.0km
    - Lapanagi – Leontio section: 3.3km
  • Design speed Ve=30–40 km/h for both section
  • Cross-section width:
    - Rakita – Kounina section and Lapanaghi – Leontio section for a length of 3.1km: 9.00m with one lane per direction 3.75m wide
    - Lapanaghi – Leontio section for a length of 0.2km: 7.50m with one lane per direction 3.00m wide
  • Shoulders 0.75m wide, on both sides of the road
  • Provision of culverts as follows:
    - Rakita – Kounina section: seven (7) tubular and seventeen (17) box culverts
    - Lapanaghi – Leontio section: five (5) tubular and eleven (11) box culverts