Aniada - Sygrelo - Ag. Theodori Road upgrade - Evritania Region

The project is located at Evritania Region south of Karpenisi city. The road to be improved starts at Aniada village, passes through Sygrelo village and ends at Ag. Theodori village. The project also include the design of pipe culverts, retaining walls and an intersection.
The Prefecture (currently the Regional Unit of Evritania) launched a study to improve and upgrade the 9.48 Km secondary road connecting the villages Aniada - Sygrelo - Ag. Theodori. After a successful bid, a contract was awarded to a consortium of engineering companies led by Albert Paul Yamin and Associates in 2003.

Project details:

  • Project Cost 5.146.000 €
  • Upgrading and improving existing road with a length of 9.48 km in accordance with national standards for design speed Ve = 40 - 50 km/h. The cross section width chosen was 6m, with one lane per direction
  • Provision of twenty nine (29) small pipe culverts having 1m diameter
  • Horizontal markings and vertical traffic signs along the road
  • Many retaining walls design and planning of one intersection