Artemis Temple Bypass Road upgrade - Greece Western Region

The significant archeological monument of Aontios Artemis Temple is located in the north most point of Rakita plateau on Panachaiki Mountain. It dates back to the end of the 8th century BC and it is the oldest example of Ancient Greek Temple that uses an external colonnade. It is excavated since 1979, it was restored and it is now accessible to the public. However, the existing provincial road of Rakita to Kounina village runs through the limits and along the archeological site.

In order to support the tourist and economic growth of the area and given that the monument is of great importance, it was decided to alter the road's alignment so as to bypass, as much as possible, the archeological site. This will allow more actions to be taken for the reformation of the surrounded area and hence the emergence of the monument as a whole.

Thus, West Greece Region contracted, in 2006, consultant engineer Maria Nikolakakou – now a partner of CNWAY- the final design of the new bypass road alignment of Artemis Temple. CNWAY, as a subcontractor, held the study which was successfully completed in 2007.

Project facts:

  • Construction cost: 243,000€
  • Total design length: 1.4km
  • Design speed Ve= 40 km/h
  • Total cross-section length of 6.00m that consists of one lane per direction 3.00m wide. The width of the shoulders is 0.75m on both sides, except from the areas of high embankment slopes where the width becomes 1.50m. In these areas safety barriers are installed. Finally, side drains 1.25m wide are designed in areas of high cut slopes.
  • Provision of two (2) tubular culverts
  • Α new alignment pass through the southeast corner of the archeological site only for a length of 180m