Rakita Lake Road Upgrade - Greece Western Region

Rakita village, located in the homonymous plateau of Panachaiki Mountain and built on the edge of a steep cliff, attracts, during the summer, an increasing number of visitors, over the last years, both from the surrounding areas and from all Achaia region. The greater area presents a significant archeological and historic interest and it hosts wide-ranging artistic events. The lake that is located nearby completes, in harmony, the whole natural landscape.

Due to the fact that the lake has never been emerged and in an attempt to upgrade its landscape, it was decided to design an internal community road, along the lake shore, which would include pedestrian and bike lanes for leisure purposes. Thus, the former Community of Leontio contracted, in 2006, consultant engineer Efthimia Chasiakou, the final design of a traffic-calmed road in Rakita Lake, in order to make the greater area a popular tourist destination. CNWAY, as a subcontractor, held the study that was successfully completed in 2007.

Project facts:

  • Construction Cost: 492,000€
  • Total design length: 0.95km
  • Design speed Ve=50km/h
  • Total cross-section width of 21.80m that consists of:
    a. One lane per direction 3,50m wide and a pedestrian lane 1.6m wide, in the east side of the road axis
    b. A parking space 4.75m wide in the west side of the road axis, a pedestrian lane 2.40m wide, a bike road 2.05m wide and then, again, a pedestrian lane 4.00m towards the lake
  • A parking area for 350 vehicles
  • Provision of three grade intersections