Volissos village Port - Chios Island

The port of Volissos village is located at the northwest side of Chios Island. It serves the connection between the west side of Chios and the Psara small island, acting as a supplement to the main port. In addition, its facilities serves as a shelter for the local fishing fleet once there is no other similar facilities in the west coast to afford moderate protection.

An expected increase in passengers visiting Psara Island, will result in commissioning larger ferries which cannot operate by the existing facilities. In addition existing land area is unsufficient, quay walls are significally damaged, windward mole does not effectively protect the port basin and, at last, the access road is quite narrow to channel the traffic.

In view of the above, the former Municipality of Amani decided to improve the existing facilities. So in year 2000, it commissioned a consultancy partnership led by Albert Paul Yamin, in order to improve and expand the existing port facilities. The study was successfully completed in 2004.

Project facts:

• Construction Cost: 11,738,810 €.
• 195m additional quay walls and 10,750m2 additional land area to serve two (2) ferries up to 150m long.
• New rubble–mound windward mole 302.5m long for the protection of the port basin
• Widening of access road.