Port of Megisti Lavra Monastery - Northern Greece

The Megisti Lavra Monastery is the first in hierarchy, among the monasteries of Aghio Oros and the biggest. Its needs, in goods and supplies, are important and they are poorly served by underdeveloped port facilities that are located in the east coastline.

In order to upgrade the level of supply services, the authorities of Megisti Lavra Monastery decided to construct a new port for the berthing of a small ferry that could not be met, by any means, through the use of existing facilities.

Considering the above, in 2001 the authorities of Megisti Lavra Monastery contracted the consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin the design of a new port, in a different location, southern to the existing old shipyard, in order to insure the capability to serve small ferries. The study was successfully completed in 2002.

Project facts:

• Construction cost: 1,124,660 €
• Windward breakwater out of quarry rock, 122.5m long
• 220m of new quay walls in order to serve small ferries
• 1,350m2 of new land area
• Access works that include:
- A new road 320m long and 4.00m wide, for the connection of new port facilities with the existing road that leads to the Monastery
- Vehicle bridge, 6.00m long and 6.60m wide for the connection of the new port with the new road
• Pedestrian bridge 10.30m long that connects the jetty with a rock that is located in the north
• Protection of the Byzantine Wall with the construction of 105m of new quay walls