Port of Kastelorizo (Megisti) Island

Megisti (Kastelorizo) is the farthest border Island of Greece, in the east of Rhodes and really close to the Turkish coastline. Its geographical distinctiveness requires the motivation of the locals in order to stay in their home Island. This is achieved by ensuring the smooth supplies on basic necessities (food, medicines, fuel, etc.) and the adequate maritime connections with Rhodes and mainland Greece. These needs are almost exclusively served by the existing port facilities in a protected gulf, in front of the only village of the Island, in combination with the transfer of goods and visitors which is held through the small airport.

Despite its natural protection the port is directly affected by northeast waves and, indirectly, by southeast waves due to the significant coastal morphology of the area. This parameter together with the inadequate existing infrastructure (limited length of operating quay walls, the lack of electric and water networks for boats service) makes it difficult and sometimes prohibitive for boats to berth safely in the basin.The upgrade of the existing port facilities, so as to serve larger boats, both in length and number, was considered crucial. This would contribute to further increase of tourism as it is occurred over the last years and, at the same time, it would cover the needs of the island.

In 1992, the former Harbor Treasury of Dodecanese contracted the consultancy firm ENGINEERS Ltd in which Albert Paul Yamin was one of the main partners, the final design of quay walls reconstruction. The project was completed successfully in 1993. Subsequently, in 2006, the Municipal Harbor Treasury of South Dodecanese assigned CNWAY the updating of the existing final study of the port expansion that was completed the same year.

Project facts:

• Construction Cost: 4,125,000€
• Expansion of existing jetty: 190 meters of new quay walls for the side-by-side berth of ferries up to 125m long
• Additional land area: 3,390 m2
• Capability of smaller boats to berth at the existing jetty