Port of Aghios Constantinos – Fthiotida Region

The ferry connection between Central Greece and Attica with the Sporades Islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonisos) is carried out by the port facilities of Aghios Konstantinos in Fthiotida. Basically, the port is consisted of a Berth that can serve up to two ferries and one flying dolphin. The services of the port, however, are downgraded mainly due to lack of protection from northerly winds and availability of enough land area to cover all port activities.

The increasing tourism of Sporades Islands and unfavorable service conditions of the existing facilities led to the need for their expansion and the design a new pier. The main goals of the latter are the protection of the newly-formed basin from north winds, the ability to berth larger ships to the new quay walls and finally, sufficient land area for temporary parking and embarkation / disembarkation of vehicles and passengers.

In 2008, the Prefecture of Fthiotida contracted a consortium led by DENCO SA the study of expansion works of the existing platform. CNWAY served as the main subcontractor of the consortium for the design of the new port facilities. The study is ongoing.

Project Facts:

• Construction Cost: 7.400.000,0 €
• 307m of new quay walls and additional land area of 3,755m2
• The final capacity of the new port facilities is:
- Two ferries up to 100m long
- Two ferries up to 35m long
- Two flying dolphins up to 35m long. The one is mooring side-by-side
outside the basin provided that north winds are not blowing in the area