Karlovasi Port – Samos Island

Along the northwest coastline of Samos Island, there is no natural bay to offer some kind of protection to the vessels from the main winds. The port of Karlovasi, serving the northwest area of the island and being its west gateway, is directly exposed to the winds from the west sector until the east, and thus, to the respective waves.

The height of the latter reaches up to 4.00m and the armoring of existing port facilities is more than necessary.
The old windward mole is protected by quarry rocks, but they are considered inadequate because of their limited quantity and rip-rap placing.

In 2005, the Prefecture of Samos contracted CNWAY to implement the study of armoring works of the old windward mole using quarry rocks and concrete blocks (tetrapod). These works aim to increase the effectiveness of armoring and the safety of both moored vessels and the rest of port facilities. The study was successfully completed in 2007.

Project details:

• Construction Cost: 6,377,710€
• Total length of the armoring: 610m