Main Port of Karpathos Island

Karpathos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese in the southeastern Aegean Sea and it is located between Rhodes and Crete. The main port is located on the south east side of the island at Pigadia bay and serves as the main sea gate for passengers and goods as well as a safe shelter of a small number of fishing and tourist boats.

As with other islands in the region, the commissioning of larger vessels created the need for a port facility expansion in a location where challenging navigational dangers exist. The Prefecture of South Aegean Islands decided to launch a competition for a preliminary design study for the expansion of port facility, in which our company was awarded the prestigious first price in 2013.

Project Facts:

  • Estimated Project Cost 4,550,000€
  • Construction of a new ferry terminal and a cargo berth with total quay walls of 210 meters and a land area of 7,820 square meters.
  • Port capacity increased by two additional vessels:
    • One (1) ROPAX of 200 meters length (two berths)
    • One (1) CARGO vessel of 75 meters length
  • Construction of a new fishing shelter with a quay wall 100 meters long and a 30 meters curved breakwater.
  • Port access improved by shifting traffic off the town center