Kameiro Skala Port - Rhodes Island

The Port of Kameiro Skala is located on the west coast of the island of Rhodes, about 45 km west from the islands town center and 4.5 km south of Kritinia village. The existing port facility is serving a ferry fleet connecting Kameiros with Halki island, the fishing fleet of the Region and a few transit pleasure boats during the summer period.

In 2010, the Municipal Harbor Treasury of South Dodecanese published a tender notice for upgrading and expanding the Kameiro Skala port, with extended capabilities to provide occasional berthing for ferries serving the island of Rhodes in case adverse weather conditions prohibit approach to the main port of Rhodes. CNWAY bidded for the competition and relevant contract was signed in 2014.

Project facts:

  • Construction cost: 11.300.000 €
  • Independent operation of the passenger terminal from fishing and cargo activities
  • New port capacity:
    • External berth for one (1) ferry vessel (ROPAX) of a 170 meters length
    • Two (2) berths for ferries (ROPAX) inside the port with a length of 100 and 70 meters respectively
    • one (1) general cargo berth for vessels with a length of 80 meters
    • Five (5) day cruise ships with a length of 30 meters each
  • Efficient design of the passenger terminal with a service building of 130 m2, marshalling yard for 70 vehicles and sufficient maneuvering space for loading and unloading of vehicles on ships
  • Cargo land area of ​​750 square meters dedicated to freight use
  • Fishing shelter with a 17 boat capacity in the following categories and optional future expansion capabilities:
    • Category A.Ia (length <7 m): 6 Nos.
    • Category A.Ib (Length 7-10 meters): 9 Nos.
    • Category II (Length 10-20 meters): 2 Nos.
  • Hauling and launching ramp with 7m width