Main Port of Kalymnos Island

Kalymnos Island is located in the southeastern Aegean Sea and belongs to the Dodecanese. The main port is found at Pothia which is on the south part of the island. The port serves as a modal hub for transporting cargo, vehicles and passengers but also as the main facility for tourist ships and boats.

The commissioning of larger size passenger vessels for the Southeastern Aegean Sea created the need for upgrading existing port facilities to accommodate these new vessels. Due to the project’s complexity, an engineering design competition was launched by the Municipal Port Authority of Kalymnos for a preliminary planning study.

Our proposal was awarded the first prize in 2011 for the innovative and efficient design approach adopted.

Project Facts:

  • Estimated Project Cost 5,700,000€
  • 300 meters of new gravity quay walls on the existing windward breakwater and 6,450 square meters new land area to support loading / unloading procedures and safe passengers and vehicles circulation.
  • Three completely new berths serving:
    • One (1) ROPAX 200 meters length on the outer port side with ,
    • One (1) CRUISE SHIP 120 meters length on the inner side and
    • One (1) CARGO SHIP 75 meters length in the inner port side
  • The location for the port expansion was selected so as to be close to the newly planned bypass road connecting the port with the airport