Expansion of fishing port at Karkinagri, Ikaria

Karkinagri is located at the southwestern tip of the island and is one of the most remote villages. It is located 95.2 km from the airport, 85 km from the Ag. Kirikos port and 45.2 km from Evdilos, which is the nearest port. Taking into account the mountainous terrain that characterizes the island, the effort required to travel from Karkinagri and back, makes it extremely inaccessible.


In May 2010, the Prefecture of Samos commissioned CNWAY to prepare the study entitled "Technical studies for the extension of the fishing port of Karkinagri, Ikaria".


The scope of the study included the following:

1st Stage:

  • Preliminary study of port works
  • Preliminary design of E/M installations
  • Preliminary environmental impact study

2nd Stage:

  • Sediment transport study
  • Wave disturbance study
  • Environmental impact study (EIA)
  • Detailed design of port works
  • E/M installation application study

In March 2018, the Contracting Authority commissioned the revision of the preliminary port study, the sediment transport study and the environmental impact study based on changes that had occurred in the existing conditions.

Existing works

The existing facilities of Karkinagri fishing port consist of a windward pier, a leeward pier, coastal quays and a launching ramp.

Proposed works

Alternative layout investigation

A total of four (4) alternatives were considered. A comparative evaluation of the alternatives was carried out in order to select the proposed one. The criteria considered, were weighted accordingly and were the following:

Operational performance

  • Reclaimed area functionality
  • Approach / departure and mooring maneuvering safety
  • Wave disturbance
  • Boat capacity
  • Ease of construction

Environmental impacts

  • Impact on the natural environment
  • Sediment transport evaluation - basin sedimentation risk


  • Construction cost

In order to investigate and evaluate the coastal engineering effects of the alternatives, as defined in the preliminary design, a sediment transport study was conducted.

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In order to investigate and evaluate the effects on the existing wave conditions from each alternative, a wave disturbance study was conducted.

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Proposed solution facts

Taking into account the outcomes of both the sediment transport study and the wave disturbance study, the alternative that accumulated the highest score was obtained. The main facts of the alternative (Layout B) are presented below:

  • Estimated construction budget amounts to € 4,280,000
  • Widening of the road access corridor with the demolition of the crown wall, armour and head of the existing windward pier
  • Reconstruction of coastal quays and land reclamation
  • Construction of a new L-shaped windward pier
  • Construction of a leeward pier and provisioning of additional reclaimed area
  • Basin dredging
  • Basin water renewal ducts