Improvement and expansion of port facilities at Kefalos, Kos

Project location

The Kamari Kefalos port is located at the southwest side of Kos island, in front of the homonymous settlement. It is located 38 km from the town of Kos and about 2.5 km from Kefalos village, to the southwest of which is the harbor. The existing port facilities consist of berths for local fishing boats, tourist boats as well as some passenger vessels that serve the connection between Kefalos and Nisyros Island.


Following a tender process, CNWAY was comissioned in September 2017 by the Municipal port Authority of Kos to proceed in a timely manner with the above study.

The project objectives are to upgrade existing port operation capabilities with the aim to serve as an alternative to the main port of Kos town regarding merchant vessels and under special circumstances passenger/ferry vessels. That will be achived by reorganizing uses and expanding port infrastructure.

Project scope

The subject of the assignment included the following:

1st Stage:

  • Topographic - bythometric survey
  • Preliminary design of port works
  • Sediment transport study
  • Wave disturbance study
  • Final study of E/M
  • Feasibility study

2nd Stage:

  • Environmental Impact Study (EIA)
  • Geotechnical survey

3rd Stage:

  • Detailed design of port works
  • Electromechanical detail design
  • Tender documents

Project facts

  • Estimated construction cost is € 4,400,000, including electromechanical infrastructure.
  • Increasing existing quay walls length and land side area.
  • Design the new berth with optimized orientation against the prevailing wave and wind conditions of the area.
  • The infrastructure design is aimed at enhancing tourism functions and providing berth for small cruise ships up to 90 meters length.
  • The proposed design effectively reduce the sedimentation action which limits the functionality of existing berths for small boats. This requires periodic interventions to restore functional depth.
  • Allocation and expansion of the existing fishing facility with a capacity of 57 professional and recreational fishing vessels.
  • Allocation and expansion of the existing small tourist facility with a capacity of 20 vessels.

Supportive studies

In order to address the sedimentation problem of the port and to assess the impact of the proposed works, as defined in the preliminary design, to the coastline, the project included a sediment transport study.

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In order to investigate and evaluate the effects on the existing wave disturbance from the construction of the proposed projects, a wave disturbance study was carried out.

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