Volissos Village - Chios Island

Volissos is the capital of Amani municipality and the largest village at the northwest part of Chios Island. The existing internal road network is complex with limited width and vehicle capacity. The vehicles are moving in both directions and park in an unregulated manner causing traffic jams, especially during the summer months when the number of vehicles increases considerably.

The Municipality of Amani recognizing the importance of the problem contracted in 2005 the engineering office “Albert Yamin and Associates”, to evaluate the existing road network and traffic sign system and to propose improvements as well as increasing the availability of regulated parking spaces. The project was completed in 2010.

Project Facts:

  • Project cost 12,840 €
  • Evaluation of existing road network, traffic signs and parking lots
  • Proposal of regulatory, prohibitory and information road signs where necessary with materials and geometry specifications
  • Restrict traffic to one – way where the street width was limited
  • Junction configuration at the southern entrance of the village with road signs, road markings and pedestrian crossings for the safe separation of incoming and outgoing traffic to Volissos
  • Reorganizing existing parking spaces and developing new so as to increase the total number of available parking spots to 51. That was archived by:
    • Re-organizing the existing open public parking station
    • Transferring the existing playground to another location and use the land for creating a new public parking station, in contact with the existing one
    • Rehabilitation of the neighboring square