Samos Karlovasi National Road - Kourou Dere Section - Samos Island

The National road of Samos - Karlovasi belongs to the main road network of Samos Island as it connects the two main cities: Vathi in the east and Karlovasi in the west. The importance of the National Road, though, is double: besides connecting Vathi and Karlovasi, it joins the two main port facilities of the Island and channels the additional traffic load of visitors to the northeast-northwest axis also to the secondary road network that leads to Samos mainland.

The Kourou-Dere section of the National road is located along the coastline, it is directly affected by sea waves of the northern sector and requires coastal protection. In view of the above, it was considered as crucial to protect the sea side of the road, which consisted of quarry rocks and concrete blocks (tetrapod). The Prefecture of Samos contracted in 2003, after holding a contest, a consortium led by consultant engineer Albert-Paul Yamin, the design of the necessary protection works. The related study was successfully completed in 2007.

Project facts:

• Construction Cost: 2,302,710€
• Armoring of a total length equal to 532.80 meter, which was subdivided into four (4) sections A, B, C and D depending on the type of protection, with respective lengths of 94.0m, 171.3m, 205.4m, and 62,10m
• In all above sections, the coastal road was protected with armor stones, except section B which its berm was protected with concrete blocks (tetrapod)