Port of Kamero Skala - Rhodes Island

Kameiros Skala lies at the west coast of the island, approximately 45 km driving kilometers away from the island’s capital city of Rhodes. The existing port facilities consist of a dock that serves the ferry route to Chalki Island and occasionally small cargo vessels. Small fishing and recreational vessels moor at the shallower part of the dock. Due to the dock being exposed to wave attack, the vessels moor exclusively at the eastern side of the dock, which is partially protected from the prevailing waves.

Our company was awarded the design contract to upgrade the port facilities by the Municipal Port Authority of Southern Dodecanese. The scope of the design included a sediment transport study and the wave disturbance evaluation of the proposed layout. The sediment transport study concluded that the length of the windward breakwater had negative impact on the sediment transport and had to be the minimum required. This increased the difficulty of the study because an acceptable disturbance had to be permitted in order to minimize sediment accumulation.

The offshore wave characteristics were estimated by means of wave hindcasting using the model JONSEY of the modelling suite SeaWorks by HR Wallingford. The wave disturbance study was conducted using the ARTEMIS model of TMS (Telemac-Mascaret System) that solves the elliptic mild-slope equations.

Project facts:

  • Mesh dimension 1,100x650 meters, 55,000 elements and 27,500 nodes
  • 2 project layouts
  • 4 wind directions, 2 wind intensities (median and maximum) per direction (a sum of 8 cases per layout)