Politika Village - Central Evia Island

Politika is a graphical and traditional village of Central Evia, with beautiful houses made of stones, huge maple trees, springs with running water and cobblestone streets. The very well preserved Venetian Tower of the 13th century and the small beautiful churches and monasteries of the area take the visitors to a trip back in time. Along the coastline, south of the village, there is the famous homonymous beach; a small fishing harbor is also located there, together with cafés and traditional restaurants. The area presents a significant tourist development over the last years, due to the new-built hotels and rooms to let, making Politika one of the newest and growing leisure resorts of Central Evia.

In view of the above, there is a simultaneous increase of traffic load that leads to traffic jams, especially during summertime, as a direct result of limited total road widths and two-way roads of the local network. The problem is aggravated due to the lack of free parking space, the inadequate presence of traffic signs and because of heavy vehicles that pass through the village center and creates significant overload to most intersections. Thus, the former Municipality of Messapia contracted in 1999, consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin, the traffic planning and parking space design of Politika village. The study was successfully completed in 2001.

Project facts:

• Design of a one-way ring road, which starts and ends at the village entrance from Halkida. A limited section of it becomes a two-way road so as to serve the passage from neighboring Nerotrivia village towards the beach of Politika and vice versa
• Planning of sufficient number of parking spaces as a result of the one-way ring road planning
• Installation of traffic signs throughout the road network of the village