Moudros Town - Lemnos Island

Moudros is the second largest town of Lemnos Island. Its privileged location, making it probably the safest and biggest natural harbor in Mediterranean Sea, contributed in a long and significant history with a rich heritage of important monuments (ancient settlements, Castles, World War II Cemetery, old churches etc.). The graphical fishing harbour along with the fish taverns and the small white houses with tile roofs form a special urban landscape. All of the above, in combination with the nearby beaches, the intense commercial activity, the large number of cafes and restaurants and finally the small marina, attract many tourists, especially during the summer.

It is precisely because of the historic nature of the town that the design of the road network did not include motorized traffic and therefore does not meet up with the specifications nor serve modern needs. Thus, the width of the roads is rather small and most of them are of dual direction with minimum or no sidewalks at all, while there are no organized public parking spaces. Finally, the poor condition of road surfaces, in addition with the rise of traffic load, during touristic season, act as extra aggravating factors for the existing road network. The former Municipality of Moudros, aiming to insure smooth traffic flow inside the town, contracted in 2002, consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin the design of traffic planning and parking space design of Moudros. The study was successfully completed in 2009.

Project facts:

• Construction Cost: 47.300€
• One-way traffic arrangement of five (5) main and eleven (11) secondary roads at parts or at whole, in order to design basic routes from the entrance points of the town towards the center and vice versa along with traffic loops
• Conversion of a small-range road network to pedestrian ways in the northwest of St. Taxiarches church
• Seasonal function of a secondary road as a pedestrian way
• Completion of the south part of the ring road
• Completion of road construction that connects the main street of the town with the way that leads to Fanaraki and its extension until the ring road
• Forming of three level intersections, one at the War Memorial, one at the Evangelismos Church and the last one at the east access from/towards Rossopouli village
• Provision of two outdoor parking spaces for 140 and 30 vehicles respectively. Planning of 11 short-time parking spaces near Town Hall. Parking prohibition along really narrow streets
• Provision of road signs and marking of crossings
• Relocation of existing Taxi station
• Reconstruction of road surface where necessary