Gythion Port - Lakonia Region

Gythion is located on the northwestern end of the gulf of Lakonia. The port connects Gythion with the Islands of Kithira and Crete (Chania) and with Piraeus as well as being a port of call for Cruise ships operating in the Eastern Mediterranean.

A Master Plan was needed to support the proposed port development and address long term planning. The contract was awarded by the former Prefecture and current Regional Unit of Laconia in 2007 to a consortium led by DENCO SA with CNWAY serving as the main subcontractor for the port Master Planning. The study was conducted in accordance with applicable standards and approved by the Planning Commission and Port Development (ESAL) on August 2007.

Master Plan Facts:

  • Project construction Cost 22,320,000€
  • Construction of new ferry terminal with two specialized berths and a cargo berth with total quay walls of 153.5 meters and a land area of 5,600 square meters.
  • Breakwater extension by 110 meters and construction of appropriate facilities for external side berthing of cruise ships
  • Increased port capacity for three additional vessels:
    • One (1) external berth for a 200 meter CRUISE SHIP
    • Two (2) ROPAX of 100 meters length
    • One (1) GENERAL CARGO vessel 80 meters length