Corinthos Region Main Port

The port of Corinth is located 2 kilometers south west of the Corinth canal and is considered the most important port facility of the Corinthian gulf due to its optimum geographical location, recognized from ancient times. It serves mainly incoming cargoes from west Europe and has an average of 400 vessels arrivals per year (years 2008 – 2011). Just southeast from the main port facility there is a medium size fishing port offering 140 berths.

The Municipal Port Authority of Korinthos contracted CNWAY to conduct a long – term port planning (Master Plan) exercise taking in consideration different development scenarios. After several plan revisions it was decided to focus on tourist infrastructure and the final version was approved by the Planning Commission and Development of Ports (PCDP) in April 2014.

Project Facts:

  • Estimated construction cost for main port facilities 21,290,000 €
  • Port Capacity after the expansion
    • One (1) CRUISE SHIP 180m long or two (2) 120 meters each,
    • One (1) Ro-Ro 150 meters long
    • Two (2) CARGO SHIP 120 meters long served at the inner breakwater area
  • Estimated construction cost for new Marina 14,950,000 €
  • Marina Capacity: 298 boats of various size