Kontias Village - Lemnos Island

Apart from the central port of Myrina, there are scattered, underdeveloped fishing harbor facilities, in different areas of Limnos Island. Most of them are old and they have presented damage to a significant extent. As a result, they can barely serve effectively and safely, the local fishing fleet. The fishing harbor of Kontias Bay is a typical example of this situation and consists of: a small windward mole, shallow quay walls along cost line and a jetty that is not used due to severe damage.

In order to upgrade the harbor facilities, the Prefecture of Northern Aegean contracted the consulting partnership offices led by Albert Paul Yamin, the design of the reconstruction and expansion of Kontias fishing harbor. The study started in 2004 and was completed in 2010.

Project facts:

• Construction Cost: 2,200,000 €
• Capacity: 53 berths for boats up to 12.00 meters length
• Launching Ramp 5.00 meters wide
• Total new quay walls: 215 meters
• Total land area: 3,220 m2