Kiato Port - Corinthos Region

In January of 2002, a ship has caused serious damages on existing port infrastructure in Kiato, located northwest of Corinth city, especially in the edge of the windward mole. Most of precast concrete blocks, that composed the quay walls, were cracked at the impact area and suffered obvious displacement and tendency for overturning. The rocky foundation of quay walls was disturbed and the concrete parapet displaced, while the uppermost concrete blocks were intensively cracked and ready to overturn as well.

Due to serious effects of the ship impact and the need for direct reconstruction measures, the former Harbor Treasury of Corinth, contracted, after holding a contest in 2002, consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin, the urgent study of repair and damage restoration of Kiato Port. The study was successfully completed the same year and constructed as well.

Project facts:

• Construction Cost: 107,351€
• Demolition and then reconstruction of damaged precast concrete blocks and toe blocks as well
• Reuse of demolition materials as rock filling material for the foundation
• Formation and filling of top layer of quay wall foundation with aggregate material 20cm thick
• Reconstruction of parapet wall monolithically with top concrete layer with cast-in-situ concrete
• Re-install of the navigation light in its original place
• Removing of existing lighting poles and mooring bollard and installation of new ones