Kamena Vourla Marina - Fthiotida Region

The favorable location of the small town of Kamena Vourla on the National Road Athens-Thessaloniki and near large cities like Athens, Lamia etc., along with the unique combination of mountain and sea landscape, named the greater area as a major touristic resort for many years now. In addition, its closeness to important archeological monuments and areas of natural beauty as well as the famous local hot springs, upgraded Kamena Vourla in one of the most significant spa town in Greece.

This touristic bloom created the need for berthing and serving of touristic boats for vacation purposes. Hence, the Prefecture of Fthiotida held a contest, in 1995, for designing and constructing a Marina in Kamena Vourla. Consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin was responsible for the design of the port facilities, in implementation level and on behalf of the contestant Contracting Company Z. Kyriazis – A. Porfyridis. The study was successfully completed in 1997 and the touristic harbor has already been constructed.

Project facts:

• Capacity: 81 boats that consist of 60 boats up to 7m long, 10 boats from 7 to 10m long, 6 boats from 10 to 12m long and 5 boats larger than 12m
• A total length of 330.8m of quay walls that is divided into 142.3m of windward mole and 188.5m of coastal quay walls
• Launching Ramp 6m wide
• Perpendicular groin 16m long
• 3,660m2 of total land area that serves as wintering space for 18 boats and parking area for 21 vehicles, according to the respective Decision of the Ministry of Tourism