Main Port of Kalymnos Island

Over the last years, there is a significant increase in general transportation needs of Kalymnos Island. This resulted in routing larger ferries for its maritime connection with mainland Greece and neighboring Islands. In order to enable the berthing of these ferries, there was a special formation of the upper surface of part of the existing windward mole constructed with concrete blocks. However, the rocky foundation of the blocks, was not protected especially to serve any ferry berthing at all.

The lack of protection led to the creation of erosion cavities, along the quay wall, due to the turbine operation of the ferries. The loss of a large quantity of the quarry stones foundation underneath the wall has caused the leak of the rock fill placed in the cells of concrete blocks. This phenomenon led to further serious overall stability problems of the quay wall, especially in case of an earthquake event.

The need to repair the scour and the cells of the concrete blocks was considered urgent, thus, the Municipal Harbor Treasury of Kalymnos Port assigned consultant engineer Constantinos Yamin the design of all needed works, in the year 2010. The study was implemented in collaboration with CNWAY and it was successfully completed in the same year.

Project facts:

• Construction Cost: 73.000€
• Filling of cavities underneath the quay wall with fresh concrete for 31 meters length, by pouring it down a tube with a hopper (Tremie concrete method)
• Filling the cells of concrete block of the wall with fresh concrete from upper side
• Protection of toe and rocky foundation by using concrete blocks and appropriate rock armoring for a length of 35m