Gythion Small Marina - Lakonia Region

Gythion is one of the most important towns of Lakonia Region. It functions as a crossroad of people and goods transportations. The main port of the town, on the end of Laconia Gulf, serves the commercial and passenger maritime connection of the Peloponnese with Kythira Island and Crete. However, the existing facilities do not bear the appropriate infrastructure for touristic boat’s berthing. Thus, the latter are forced to use the fishing harbor facilities. In 2008, the Prefecture of Lakonia Region, after holding a contest, assigned CNWAY the design of a new small marina in order to upgrade the respective services.

The evaluation of the new works layout demanded the investigation of their impact in the form of the coastline by implementing a sediment transport study. The first task that took place was the geomorphological identification of the coastal area using local observations and bibliographical research. These actions were followed by the calculation of the offshore wave characteristics and the preparation and implementation of the sediment transport simulation along the coastline. The main purpose was to determine the alignment of the coastal area, before and after the construction of the new works.

The results of the study showed that the area is inactive because there is no sediment available for transportation. As a result, the presence of the new works has little to no influence in the form of the coastline. The same applies to the seabed depths as well.

Study facts:
  • Estimation of offshore wave characteristics using JONSEY model from Seaworks marine software suite
  • Simulation of coastal sediment transport using the MIKE numerical mode suite and, specifically, models of imprinting the coastline and the seabed (ΜΙΚΕ21 PP), calculating local wave characteristics (MIKE21 NSW), wave induced currents (MIKE21 HD) and sediment transport (MIKE21 ST)
  • Area of simulation 700mx1,000m
  • Implementation of simulation for two layouts (existing and new)
  • Examination of 3 wind directions, N, NE and E and wind intensities of 7, 9 and 5bf respectively