Corinthos Region Main Port

Corinth port has always presented a significant commercial activity. This long term systematic use has caused a lot of important damage in existing quay walls that affected the general operation level of the port. More specifically, erosion cavities were noted along the coastal quay wall toe, especially in the areas where RO-RO vessels berth, due to their propeller use. In addition, the uppermost concrete blocks and the cast-in-place capping were suffering a great degree of cracks.

The former Harbor Treasury of Corinth Port contracted in 2002, after holding a contest, consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin, the urgent study of repair and damage rehabilitation of Corinth port, in order to insure its future operation. The study of the required works was successfully completed in the same year and they were constructed as well.

Project facts:

• Construction Cost: 126,192€
• Filling the cavities under the quay wall toe with concrete for 235 meters length, by pouring it down a tube with a hopper (tremie concrete method) in order to repair propeller induced scour
• Provision of concrete filled bags in front and along the wall toe for the protection from future erosion cavities
• Provision of concrete blocks and quarry stones for the protection of quay wall toe in its full length
• Removing of damaged surface layer to a depth of 0.5m and replacing it with a layer of aggregate base material 0.3m thick and on top of it a surface layer of concrete 0.2m thick