Corinthos Region Marina

The geographical location of Corinth and its direct connection to the National highway network facilitate the accessibility of the visitors to remarkable tourist attractions of Peloponnese like Mykines, Akrokorinthos, Epidaurus etc. Visiting recreational boat owners would appreciate port facilities such as provision of fuel, parts, supplies, WC, etc. An organized marina would also serve as a starting point to cruise around west Greece (Corinth Gulf, Ionian Sea, west coastline of Peloponnese). Nevertheless, all of these advantages stay unexploited due to the lack of the respective infrastructure to serve the recreational boats.

The former Harbor Treasury of Corinth Port contracted CNWAY in 2006, after holding a contest, the design of expansion and upgrading works of Corinth port as well as the Master Planning which included a Marina, so as to insure the berthing and serving of recreational boats. The marine works comprised of quay walls, floating pontoons and a detached breakwater, parallel to the coastline, for the protection of berths from north and northeast waves.

Project facts:

  • Capacity: 298 boats up to 20m long
  • Detached breakwater 442m long
  • Νew quay walls 553m long
  • Six (6) floating pontoons of 80m long each
  • Launching Ramp of 8m wide
  • Total land area of 32,930m2 that serves a parking space for 100 vehicles, green zones, administration and users service buildings
  • Sea-sports installation including a launching ramp of 7.5m wide