Coastal Road in Vrontado – Chios Island

The coastal road of Vrontado is one of the main arteries of Chios which connects the city of Chios with the northern villages of the Island. The poor conditions of the road concerning its geometry, junction and general layout have contributed at most to the downgrading of the coastal front, with serious impact to the road safety as well. The access to the near-by beach is not easy, creating a feeling of complete cut-off from the residential web.

Taking all the above into account, the Municipality of Chios decided that actions should be taken to intervene in the current situation. The main goal of the actions would be to insure the proper circulation of vehicles and pedestrians and to bring out the general environment of the area. So in 2012, a consortium was assigned, by the Municipality of Chios, the design of the redevelopment of coastal front from Tagma Despoti to Daskalopetra.

The consultant engineer Constantinos Yamin, as a member of the above consortium, was responsible for the study of armoring and protection of the new redeveloped coastal road. CNWAY has participated in the final design of the necessary protection works and the study was successfully completed in 2014.

Project facts:
  • Construction Cost: 200,000€
  • 471m of armoring works to protect the new redeveloped coastal road, using quarry rocks, in two places along the shoreline
  • Provision of 56m long concrete wall