Chios Island Main Port

Chios main port is the largest facility of the island that connects it with mainland and insular Greece as well as Turkey in the east. The existing infrastructure is located opposite to the city center and it consists of quay walls along the coastline, a windward mole of southeast direction and a leeward mole heading to northeast. The entrance of the basin is orientated towards the southeast, permitting the respective waves to enter and create a significant disturbance for the berthing boats.

In order to determine the exact wave conditions inside the basin and to propose solutions, in case they are unfavorable, the former Harbour Treasury of Chios contracted, in 2000, consultant engineer Albert Paul Yamin, the preparation of the respective wave disturbance study using numerical model simulations.

The results of the study showed that, during the blowing of southeast winds with an intensity of 5 to 8bf, the wave height in the entrance of the port ranges between 1.50m and 2.50m, and in the rest of the basin surface, especially in the north, from 0.60m to 2.00m. Similarly, during the blowing of south winds with an intensity of 5 to 8bf, the wave height in the entrance of the port ranges again between 1.50m and 2.50m and in the rest of the basin surface between 0.30m and 1.00m. The wave heights mentioned before are not acceptable and in order to protect the basin, it was proposed to demolish the existing leeward mole and to construct a new one heading towards northwest.

Study facts:

• Estimation of offshore wave characteristics using JONSEY model from Seaworks1 marine software suite
• Simulation of wave disturbance by the numerical PORTRAY from Seaworks3 marine software suite
• Three dimensional display of sea bed using Land Development Desktop from Autodesk
• Implementation of simulation for existing works
• Examination of five (5) wind direction as follows: north (intensities of 9 and 8bf), northeast (intensities of 9 and 8bf), east (intensities of 8 and 6bf), southeast (intensities of 8, 7, 6 and 5bf) and finally, south (intensities of 8, 7, 6 and 4bf)