The 22nd of August 2015, the President of the Intermunicipal Harbor Treasury of Chios Island has inaugurated the Limnia Marina of Volissos located at the northwestern part of the Island. The Marina serves 55 medium size sailing boats having 12 to 15 meters length. The very next day of its opening, the Marina successfully hosted the 15th Aegean Regatta sailing race.

78 Greek and foreign sailing boats has participated in the race, which started from the Limnia Marina, with a first stop at Vathi of Samos Island, a second at Pythagorion also of Samos Island and finally the race ended the 28th of August at Lipsous Island.

According to the contestants, the Limnia Marina is considered the first well organized port infrastructure, in Chios Island, ready to host such a great event.

The design project was awarded to CNWAY on June 2004 and completed on November 2005. Finally the project construction was completed on June 2015.

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