Limnia Marina in Volissos - Chios Island

Limnia coastal village is located at the northwestern part of Chios Island and belongs to former Municipality of Amanis. The Limnia Marina, the inauguration of which has taken place the 22nd of August 2015, serves 55 medium size sailing boats 12 to 15 meters length. It is worth to mention that the next day of its opening the Marina successfully hosted the 15th Aegean Regatta sailing race. According to the President of the Intermunicipal Harbor Treasury of Chios, it is anticipated that the Marina will become one of the most competitive Marinas in the Aegean sea.

Local authorities of the former Amanis Municipality has decided in 2004 to create a Marina in Limnia village. The design project was awarded to CNWAY on June 2004 and completed on November 2005. Finally the project construction was completed on June 2015.

Project Facts:

  • Construction Cost 1,800,000€
  • Marina capacity: 55 berths for boats up to 15 meters
  • Total length of coastal quay walls: 229 meters
  • Total Land area: 3,440 square meters