CNWAY and its Associates have successfully completed the Planning Study for the new Cargo Port in Naxos Island as well as the Conceptual Design of the proposed port in the selected location.

The study scope included the investigation of suitable locations for the new port development, which resulted in three sites. The first two were located on the east side of the Island and the third in the west side, north to the existing port. The preferable location resulted considering specialized multi-parametric analysis which included operational, transportation, oceanographic, nautical and environmental parameters.

Three alternative layout plans were drafted for the preferable location taking into account the following design criteria:

  • Total capacity:
    • One vessel up to 100 meters length and
    • Two vessels up to 80 meters length
  • Operational safety and functionality considering local wave and wind conditions
  • Environmental footprint
  • Construction cost minimization

The study also included the connection of the selected site to the existing road network.