CNWAY and its Associates successfuly completed  the design of the expansion of the Kamari port facility on the island of Kos, located on the southwest side of the island, in front of the town of Kefalos. Existing port facilities are unable to meet the increasing demand for both passenger and freight transport load, and small boat berthing facilities need to be upgraded.

The purpose of the study was to improve and expand the port to enhance its role as an alternative port for freight and ferry services throughout the island, contributing significantly to its social and economic development. The proposed projects will have an immediate effect on the overall operational and quality improvement of the port services provided, as well as on the expansion of its economic scope.

In particular, the extension of the quay walls at the head of the pier will allow for the safe docking of larger vessels, including tourist boats, while increasing its capacity. The operation of the fishing shelter is being restored by tackling the problem of sedimentation which limits the functionality of the existing platforms and requires periodic dredging to restore them. Finally, the provision of tourist facilities, albeit of limited extent, will expand the functionality of the works, placing Kefalos in a position to claim some of the fast-growing maritime tourism activity.

Layout design was aided by concurrent numerical studies of (a) wave disturbance to optimize breakwaters for berthing tranquility and (b) sediment transport to design the sedimentation-preventing groyne, while limiting potential impacts of the works on the adjacent beaches.