CNWAY and its Associates successfully completed Phase 2 of the Naxos Port Master Plan. During this phase, the development prospects were investigated with the aim to propose short to medium term operational improvement of the existing port infrastructure. For the study, passenger and freight traffic of the port were analyzed in order to evaluate different development scenarios and evaluate the project development prospects.

A total of three alternatives were considered, the best of which was selected by the application of a multicriteria analysis, supported on a case by case basis by specialized analysis and studies. In particular, for the evaluation of the wave characteristics of each alternative, a wave disturbance study was conducted while the impacts on the coastal area were studied by a Sediment transport Analysis

During the planning process, it was ensured that the proposed land uses would be in line with the existing conditions of the harbor front area and all the proposed works where located within the existing Port Zone.

The second phase of the study was drafted in accordance with the specifications of the Ministry of Maritime and Island Policy.