Our Company has timely concluded the first phase of the study concerning the design of nourishment and protection works at the beachfront of Avantis Hotel Suites, which is located at the Eretria coast, Evia.

The phase included:

  • field investigation
  • underwater inspection and sediment sample collection
  • bathymetric and topographic survey
  • photographic documentation/aerial mapping
  • marine vegetation mapping
  • background evaluation of existing sediment transport
  • preliminary/conceptual design
  • evaluation of feasible nourishment options

The field investigation and mapping of marine vegetation was largely relied upon high resolution orthophoto maps that were created using photogrammetry software and photographs acquired with unmanned airborne vehicle (UAV). The orthophoto also served as an excellent means of presenting and communicating the scope of works to the client.

The proposed marine works were designed with respect to the operational needs set out by the management while minimising the environmental footprint of the proposed works and optimising construction and costs.