Our Company has timely concluded the second phase of the study concerning the design of nourishment and protection works at the beachfront of hotel units Athena Pallas Village and Elea Village managed by ACROTEL group. The hotels are located along the Nikiti coast, Chalkidiki.

The second phase involved a sediment transport study by means of numerical modeling for each place. The studies intended to optimise the design of beach nourishment and erosion mitigation measures proposed in the preliminary stage, as well as, the impact assessment of the proposed works to the surrounding environment.

The wind and wave characteristics in the project were extracted from regional Skiron and WAM models and spanned between years 2001 and 2010. The simulation of sediment transport was carried out with the TMS (Telemac-Mascaret System) suite, which relies on the coupling of wave propagation models (TOMAWAC and ARTEMIS), hydrodynamic model (TELEMAC2D) and sediment transport model (SISYPHE).

The setting up the model was carried out using the bathymetric and morphological data collected at Phase A of the study, which included bathymetric and photographic survey, as well as the results of sediment grading analysis of samples taken from the seabed. The modeling accounted for grain size distribution, spatial distribution and availability of sediment in the study area, as well as spatial distribution of the respective friction coefficients based on the nature of the seabed. Simulating the natural conditions as accurately as possible, enhances the accountability of the results.

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